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Full name Miss Balasco #2 Click for full view
Email flvx@ranch.org
Web Site http://www.disrecognizedspace.org/
Birthdate 12. AugustLeo
Place of Residence Vancouver
Favourite Books edward gorey, nick bantock, roald dahl, scary godmother books, comics and manga, sleazy erotica, etc...
Fav. Film/TV labyrinth, hardware, city of lost children, the cook.the thief.his wife.and her lover, nightmare before xmas, ninja scroll, totoro, vision of escaflowne ..
Fav. Foods east indian and chinese, steak, pasta ..
Fav. Bands skinnypuppy.coil.haujobb.front242.fields.brainbug.en.covenant...
Final Comment hinx, minx, the old witch winks, the fat begins to fry...